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Image by Ali Abdul Rahman


in the Community...

We are here to utilize our professional expertise to mentor young nurses, provide comfort and counseling to patients, families, and friends in medical crisis situations; to provide community service to enlighten the people of the Virgin Islands about common health risks and prevention.

...Celebrating Life.

We are sharing what is ours with those who have spent their lives sharing all they have with all of us. As we are doing this, it is promised that our light is breaking forth as the morning, our health is springing forth speedily, our righteousness is going before us, and we are letting the Glory of the Lord be our rearguard. We know that we are being guided continually, becoming like gardens watered by eternal springs and that we are raising up the foundations of many generations. (Source: Isaiah 58)

We support members and the community in times of need.

Join us for blood pressure checks, parties and outings.

We raise funds through food sales and prize drawings.

Applications are available to all in health and wellness.

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